Raise your own wellbeing, accountability and values. Be your number one priority.

Prioritise the time and safe space you need to determine what you really want and need in your life, in your work.

Coaching can help you:

Raise your capacity and achieve your goals.

Be well. Well doctors are better doctors, safer doctors.

Have better patient outcomes & patients who report better healthcare experiences.

Feel more fulfilled and craft a more balanced life.

See clearly.
Raise your self awareness.

Develop your capacity for human centred leadership.

Meet our experienced coaches

Dr Lynn Scoles and Neera Scott

Joining Sharee Johnson, principal coach at Coaching for Doctors.

Dr. Lynn Scoles

Medical Practitioner (GP), Executive Coach, Facilitator
Lynn is a qualified medical practitioner of more than 30 years. She has a passion for learning and has spent time as a lecturer and supervises registrars as part of her practice.

She has combined her work in General Practice and as an Executive Coach for 20 year and she loves what she does!

Lynn’s coaching centres around Leadership with a focus on personal growth and resilience. Her passion lies in helping people be the best version of themselves.

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Neera Scott 

Certified Growth Edge Developmental Coach

Association for Coaching member and former faculty.

Neera is an experienced coach, facilitator and mentor, with more than 25 years working in corporate and personal development settings. She has been able to assist a broad range of clients from government, education, and senior executives of large companies, through to individuals facing the challenge of small business.

Neera’s coaching approach provides her clients with skills and practices designed to get results - sparking insight and accessing their innate resourcefulness along the way.

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Impactful Coaching

We believe that coaching is one of the best ways to raise a person’s capacity, including doctors.

This belief is backed by 30 years of academic research into the impact of coaching for workers around the world and on Sharee Johnson’s experience coaching doctors since 2014.

Coaching has been shown to be an effective way for doctors to learn, to grow their skills, develop insight and to take better care of themselves.

All of which means better, safer care for patients and a more fulfilling medical career for doctors.

And… a much more sustainable health system.

It’s important that you have confidence in your coach.

The most impactful coaching happens in a high trust, high candor relationship.

But coaching is an unregulated industry.

How will you know that you are working with a coach who can actually help you meet your goals?

Feel better, maintain clarity, deliver better healthcare, find more balance.


It's so easy to start working with one of our coaches.

Simply book a complimentary 30 minute conversation.


Once you establish you are a good fit you can go ahead and prioritise your coaching. Invest in your future.

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Finding the Right Coach

At Coaching for Doctors we are making it easier for doctors and leading healthcare professionals to find the right coach to help them develop.

Our coaches are experienced independent professionals.

Most of them are credentialed with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or the Association for Coaching (AC), which means they have invested significant time, energy and money into learning how to be an effective coach. 

You can feel confident that we have done the due diligence required to find a great coach for you. Our Coaches:

  • have trained and been mentored specifically in the skills and competencies of coaching. 
  • understand the difference between coaching and mentoring, counselling, supervising, teaching and consulting.
  • are diverse in their backgrounds and experience so you can find the right fit for your needs.

Choose a coach who is also a doctor or choose a coach who’s lived work experience is outside of medicine. There is merit in both choices.

Every coach we endorse meets our high standards of training, ongoing professional development, and experience.

Are you ready to meet own your high standards in your life?

Our Mission

Coaching for Doctors is here to help doctors be the best they can be in terms of wellbeing and performance for three reasons:
  1. Doctors are humans who do better and feel better when they are seen and heard. Doctor wellbeing is inextricably linked with their capacity to perform well at work.
  2. Patients achieve the best possible healthcare outcomes and health experience when their doctor is well.
  3. The healthcare system as a whole is more sustainable if healthcare workers are well.

Start 2023 on the right foot, proactively.

Raise your own well-being, accountability, and values. Be your number one priority. 

Invest in yourself today!

We acknowledge Australia's First Peoples

Coaching for Doctors is based on Gunaikurnai country. We pay our respects and honour the First Nation people of all the lands we work and play on. We pay our respects to their ancestors, Elders past and present and to their emerging leaders.

We remain committed to listening, learning, growing and being together on what always was and always will be, Aboriginal land that has never been ceded.