The Thriving Doctor

How to be more balanced and fullfilled, working in medicine.

When doctors are well, patient health outcomes and experience improve according to Psychologist Sharee Johnson, who has written a book called The Thriving Doctor – how to be more balanced and fulfilled working in medicine. Sharee has been coaching doctors to help them perform better in their caregiving roles, for their own wellbeing and to help improve the healthcare system since 2014. 

Sharee's hope for The Thriving Doctor is that:

  • It will help Doctors take better care of themselves first. Only then can they really provide excellent care to patients
  • Doctors and even a few other healthcare workers will use it to build and enhance their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills because they are vital to delivering excellent healthcare, building strong effective teams and maintaining a long term career in healthcare
  • It will help non-doctors value doctors in ways that will lead to better health partnerships, better health outcomes all round.

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What people are saying about The Thriving Doctor

"The Thriving Doctor is a gift to doctors everywhere, whether they are already thriving in their life or they are struggling with burnout. This is more than a book on thriving — it is a complete how-to guide for self-awareness and mindset mastery. In language that is approachable and easy to read, without unnecessary academic minutiae, Sharee’s writing respects the time pressures we are all under in healthcare."

Jonathan Fisher, MD FACC Cardiologist, Organizational Well-Being & Resiliency Leader

The Thriving Doctor is a must read for any aspiring doctor, doctor or anyone that interacts with doctors. As a mid-career doctor, I wish I had this book earlier. This book does not blame the victim, it addresses the systemic issues in healthcare. It provides a pragmatic and wholehearted approach to staying as well as possible in our unwell system.

Andrea Austin, MD, FACEP, FAAEM, CHSE

GSACEP Immediate Past President

Sharee’s passion for wellness, for those working in an industry that enables the rest of us to be well, jumps off every page of this comprehensive text.

Jane Porter, MCC GAICD

Sharee has really captured the struggle as well as the magic (privilege)of being a doctor. Her insight into the tensions that exist, the humanity of being a doctor and the load that we carry as a result gives her work a credibility that resonates. The scientist in me is reassured by the evidence she provides. The medical stories are ones to which I can relate. I appreciated the summaries that appeared regularly. The activities and questions worked well and challenged me to reflect.

Dr Sarah Wilmot, GP Anaesthetist

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When you are flourishing, you have more discretionary effort to give, you connect with others more easily and you feel more empowered and fulfilled. Your medical career is more sustainable when you are flourishing.


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