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Coaching for Doctors has resources, programs and coaching packages to suit most doctors and healthcare workers.

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I am a front-line worker in health or education

I have 10 hours and love books...

Doctors from so many countries have recommended Sharee’s book to their colleagues and told us how much it has helped them. Hundreds of  non doctor readers have also told us how much the book has helped them too.

 ->  Read or listen to The Thriving Doctor, How to be more balanced and fulfilled working in medicine.
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I am a doctor who is ready to work with a Coach on my goals.


I have 6-12 hours over the next 6-12 months to dedicate to developing my skills and clarifying my activities.

I need some more accountability, momentum or clarity to progress more effectively. I’m not getting there on my own…

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I am a doctor & I want to develop myself personally and professionally, they go together.

I have 50 hours to dedicate to this very important work over a period of 7 months

I’m ready to take a deep dive in the safe space of the community of doctors who values this work and actively seeks to build these skills. I want to join these doctors who take care of themselves more effectively and practice medicine differently.

->  Join Recalibrate, our signature immersion learning program for doctors

I am a doctor in a leadership position who needs a confidential space to reflect, think and plan


I have 15 hours to dedicate to my coaching over 9-12 months.

I am committed to doing the work of self awareness, I understand effective leadership begins with self. I want a coach who understands the world of healthcare and leadership.

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From our growing community


This is more than a book on thriving [The Thriving Doctor] — it is a complete how-to guide for self-awareness and mindset mastery.

-Jonathan Fisher, MD FACC Cardiologist, Organizational Well-Being & Resiliency Leader


I enjoy reading and have found the collaboration with like-minded fellow medicos in particular the international, community stimulating.

-Barbara, The Thriving Doctor Book Club member


Wholeheartedly I recommend Recalibrate. I hope you can reach more doctors earlier in their careers and influence system wide approaches to help doctors (and all healthcare providers).

-Recalibrate Graduate

Invest in yourself today.

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