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Bringing thought leaders in medicine from across the globe together to inspire, innovate and cultivate a better kind of healthcare. 


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For Doctors who want to cultivate a global medical community invested in better education, better wellbeing, better medicine.

Created for doctors at all levels who seek to bring art and science to their practice of medicine.
Designed to encourage rich conversation and collaboration across organisations, specialties, and countries.
Nurturing collaboration, innovation and aha moments!
Inspiring doctors to go beyond what they think they are able to do, challenging the culture of medicine, and creating a safe place to explore what else is possible.
Generating hope, energy, and care for each other as colleagues.

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Two conversations a month with doctors working to make life better for doctors.

Choose from 20 conversations across the year.

Attend 1 or both conversations, first week of each month.

Next Book Club: Wednesday 7 September 2022

Time A  12:00 noon AEST [Australia]    Time B  6:00pm AEST [Australia]

Host and Conversation Partners

Hosted and facilitated by Sharee Johnson, Psychologist Coach, Author and Meditation Teacher collaborating with a stellar group of Conversation Partners including:
  • Dr Andrea Austin, Emergency Physician, Simulation Medical Educator, San Diego
  • Prof Catherine Crock, Haematologist at the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne
  • Dr Anthony Dunin, Orthopedic Surgeon Melbourne Australia
  • Dr Cheryl Martin, Emergency Physician, Tasmania Australia
  • Dr Cheryl O’Malley, Hospital Physician, Medical Educator
  • Dr Jo Sinclair, Anaesthetist, Aukland New Zealand
  • Dr Omar Reda, Psychiatrist Colorado USA
  • Dr Elisabeth Wearne, General Practitioner and Medical Educator, Australia
  • Dr Ashok Bhattacharya, Psychiatrist, Ontario, Canada

What does it mean to be a member? 

  • A warm welcome, a feeling of belonging and a safe space to widen your field of vision and possibility
  • Regular access to leaders in medicine, at monthly book club conversations
  • A community of collegial support where hope is alive and practical action is shared
  • Collegial support that is unbounded from hierarchy, 'old' medical culture and geographical borders
  • Intellectual and emotional stimulation designed to encourage and inspire through relationships
  • Participation in a community that believes better healthcare can be delivered through collaboration because of human capacity
Meeting Tuesday evenings in America and Wednesday morning in Europe, Wednesday afternoon and evening in Australia and New Zealand.

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The Thriving Doctor Book Club Community

The Thriving Doctor Book Club is about helping doctors to thrive, we will share what we know and invite you to share too. This is an exploratory space designed to open up your field of vision, your thinking, and our collective possibilities.
Books, podcasts, videos, articles will be the catalysts for our conversations. Come when you can, read when you can, share what you can. Sometime you might arrive ready to take a deep dive into the book that you have devoured. Other times you might want to hear what others thought about a particular resource before you give it your time and energy.

What really matters most of all is your:
  • curiosity, openness and willingness to learn and connect
  • generosity to listen and share
  • thoughtful reflection about how these conversations can ripple out into healthcare for the greater good
  • desire to encourage, nurture and support yourself and your colleagues
Once a month, two opportunities to join the conversation discussing a book, podcast, article, or YouTube clip (eg TedTalk) in relation to:
  • doctor wellbeing
  • the art of medicine
  • medical training
  • the role of doctor
  • the future of medicine
  • Effective communication
  • Doctor as leader
  • Difficult conversations
Sometimes we will invite guests too - the authors and creators of the material we are discussing - some doctors and some non-doctors.
All conversations are live and will be recorded and made available to members to view on demand within 48 hours of each Book Club gathering. Each recording will be accompanied by details of any resources shared during the conversation.

2022 Books

To start we will be talking about how coaching can support doctor wellbeing, focusing on Sharee's book The Thriving Doctor How to be more balanced and fulfilled, working in medicine as a launching pad to lots of other amazing resources and conversations. (The Book Club is founded out of the response to Sharee’s book after all!)

To help us really get into it Sharee has selected the books for the first four months. After that group members will decide together what the focus will be on. The topics for 2022 are:

May - Well Doctors

June  - Compassionate Leadership

July - Performance 

August - Value Based Health Care

September - Purpose

October - Communication

November - Identity


*Titles will be provided after you register as a member.


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Book Club dates

Coaching for Doctors is hosting The Thriving Doctor Book Club in Australian Eastern Time (AEST) (Melbourne).

* Please note USA/Canada Book Club date is one day before Australasia/Rest of the World date. Australia is 10 to 19 hours ahead of Northern hemisphere countries.

Examples of world time zone conversion: 
New Zealand         Wednesday    2:00pm  [Time A]  or  8:00pm  [Time B]
Europe and UK         Wednesday      9:00am BST and 10:00am CEST  [Time B]       
Los Angeles/New York    Tuesday      7:00pm PST and 10:00pm EST  [Time A]
Ontario/Washington    Tuesday  10.00pm PDT and EDT  [Time A]

 [please check your location against Melbourne, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) noted above.  Use this Time Converter to check you zone]

* More times may be added dependent on location of active members during the first 12 months.

Conversation Partners

Andrea Austin, MD

Emergency Physician and Simulation Educator, California, USA

A US Navy Veteran that deployed to Iraq in 2016 and later worked at LA County + USC, one of the busiest trauma hospitals in the US. She is dedicated to physician well-being, especially burnout and trauma recovery.

Ashok Bhattacharya, MD, FRCP(C)

Psychiatrist, Ontario, Canada

Specializes in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Musician, author, artist and founder of The Empathy Clinic. The clinic’s emphasis is on empathy, balance, integration of the spirit and soul, and the pursuit of optimal wellness.

Dr Gerald Chitsunge

Rural General Practitioner,
NSW, Australia

I was born in Zimbabwe where I completed my medical training. I worked in Zimbabwe and South Africa before moving to Australia 14 years ago. I hope to share my lived experiences of the challenges faced by migrant doctors working in isolated communities in Australia.

Prof. Catherine Crock AM

Physicians Royal Children's Hospital. Chair Hush Foundation & Gathering of Kindness. Melbourne, Australia.

Married to Rod Phillips with 5 wonderful children and several grandchildren. Passionate about kindness, the arts in medicine, growing things in my vegetable gardens and orchard, planting indigenous trees and helping build community for a better world.


Tony Dunin MB BS FRACS (Orth) F.A.Orth.A.

Senior Orthopaedic surgeon, MBSR Teacher since 2012, Melbourne, Australia

Tony first participated in a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course in 2008 to deal with the stresses and anxieties he was experiencing in his life as an orthopaedic surgeon.
He found this a life changing and most rewarding experience. Tony and his spouse Jo established The Melbourne Centre for Mindfulness in 2016.

Dr Lakshmi Ganesan

Southern California, USA

Trained in both adult and pediatric kidney care. I've loved books for as long as I can remember, but as we all are, I am excited to be a part of a community where I can feel belonging.

Compassion education has brought great enrichment to my life and I try to pass it along to my trainees as much as possible. Thank you for having me.


Prof. Jana Hummel, MD

General Practitioner, Geriatrician and Psychotherapist, Germany

Focus of interest: Old age care.
Old age depression. Improvement of health care systems. Meditation.

Marlena Jbara, MD

MSK Radiologist specializing in Bone and Joint Disorder. Co-Founder of GrooveMDs, Florida, USA

Published author, Artist - sculptor and painter. GrooveMDs is a resource center dedicated to sharing what heals our healers.

Marlena is passionate that all are empowered to serve at the table of healing, regardless of color, gender, privilege or ethnicity.


Dr Cheryl Martin

Staff Specialist Emergency Physician, Tasmania, Australia

I am invested in the wellbeing and performance of my colleagues to help their best work for their patients.


Dr Pauline Morris

Career and Personal Development Coach, Medical Educator, Consultant Anaesthetist, Qatar

As founder of Doctors Caring for Doctors, I believe all physicians should be empowered to have successful, rewarding careers, without the sacrifice of a happy, healthy life. I am truly honoured to be part of the change process that this community will bring.

Cheryl O’Malley, MD

Hospital Medicine Physician, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

In my daily work leading graduate medical education at our institution, I get to shape the learning environment for programs, faculty, residents and fellows to become compassionate, engaged and skilled physicians for the future.  I thrive by sharing, imagining, learning and creating and look forward to meaningful conversations with others in this community. 

Dr Omar Reda


Areas of passion are working with trauma survivors and empowering caregivers.


Dr Jo Sinclair

Anaesthetist and Wellbeing Lead for Senior Medical Staff, Counties Manukau Health. Co-chair of ANZCA Wellbeing Special Interest Group. Auckland, New Zealand

I have a career long interest in the wellbeing of doctors and more recently in healthcare workers in general, and have learnt so much from making connections with others interested in this area. I see the Book Club as another forum for sharing ideas, wisdom gained from experience, and also offering mutual support.

Dr Jennifer Tam

MD, OBGYN, Co-Founder of GrooveMDs, Northern Virginia, USA

Artist, Author - currently writing book Codependency in Physicians to be published end 2022.

GrooveMDs is a resource center dedicated to sharing what heals our healers. Jennie dedicates her voice to raising awareness around physician burnout.

Verena Voelter, MD

Internist & Oncologist, Author, Podcaster & Entrepreneur Medicine, USA/Europe

In her book It Takes 5 to Tango - from Competition to Cooperation in Health Care Verena advocates what she consults with her company '5P Health Care Solutions'. Only once all 5 key actors along the value chain start cooperating, breaking down silos and co-creating value-adding solutions together, will we gain full health for all: Patients - Providers - Pharma - Payers - Policy.

Dr Liz Wearne

General Practitioner and Medical Educator, Victoria, Australia

I'm a rural General Practitioner and Medical Educator in the south-eastern corner of Australia.

My interest in doctors' health sprung from my own experience of burnout which changed my life in so many positive ways!  I look forward to sharing ideas about building compassionate healthcare workforces with like-minded people (and to reading more books again!).

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Get your copy of The Thriving Doctor

Available from all major retailers, including Booktopia and Amazon. Larger orders can be purchase direct from Coaching for Doctors.

Book RRP $32.95  (ebook $9.99)

Audiobook also available.

Narrated by Sharee, find it at your audiobook download service or via these links:

Please ask your local bookstore to order copies if not currently in stock.

Praise for The Thriving Doctor


"The Thriving Doctor is a gift to doctors everywhere, whether they are already thriving in their life or they are struggling with burnout. This is more than a book on thriving — it is a complete how-to guide for self-awareness and mindset mastery. In language that is approachable and easy to read, without unnecessary academic minutiae, Sharee’s writing respects the time pressures we are all under in healthcare."

Jonathan Fisher, MD FACC Cardiologist, Organizational Well-Being & Resiliency Leader

"Your book doesn’t need a critique or a review. It’s complete. It’s a gift to our profession, one for every medical student and doctor, junior and senior.

First you articulated the way that I feel.

Then you gave me permission to acknowledge my feelings.

You made me feel valued. You made me realise that I mattered.

You encouraged me to confront my emotions, and to challenge my existing paradigm, and you told me that was ok.

…and then you gave me the tools with which to make a change."

Dr Vijay Roach, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Past President RANZCOG


"Sharee has really captured the struggle as well as the magic (privilege)of being a doctor. Her insight into the tensions that exist, the humanity of being a doctor and the load that we carry as a result gives her work a credibility that resonates. The scientist in me is reassured by the evidence she provides. The medical stories are ones to which I can relate. I appreciated the summaries that appeared regularly. The activities and questions worked well and challenged me to reflect."

Dr Sarah Wilmot, GP Anaesthetist

The Thriving Doctor Book Club FAQs

Join in The Thriving Doctor Book Club conversation today!

We acknowledge Australia's First Peoples

Coaching for Doctors is based on Gunaikurnai country. We pay our respects and honour the First Nation people of all the lands we collectively stand on in this moment together. We pay our respects to their ancestors, Elders past and present and to their emerging leaders.

We remain committed to listening, learning, growing and being together on what always was and always will be, Aboriginal land that has never been ceded.