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Thriving Doctor APPLIED [Interns Only - PGY4 only]

Be extraordinary at the art of medicine so that you can optimise the science of medicine.
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Learn how to put the tools, skills and strategies the book offers, into action in your medial practice.

Maximise the impact of reading
The Thriving Doctor
How to be more balanced and fulfilled, working in medicine.

Feel empowered to design a better medical life.
> Live Coaching and a closed Community that can help you develop and enhance your intra and inter personal skills as a doctor.
Sharee Johnson is an International Coaching Federation certified executive coach, registered psychologist, founder of Coaching for Doctors and author of The Thriving Doctor.

What's included:

> 25 hours live teaching and coaching

[12 x 2 hour workshops + 1 hour Q&A]

What you can expect:  
  • Work with Sharee in a Masterclass setting on Zoom
  • Each module includes four weeks of group coaching, followed by one week off.
  • Monday nights 7:30 - 9:30 pm
This program is highly interactive. Working with peers over time amplifies your skill development. Sharee will help you focus on the skills and strategies from her best selling book The Thriving Doctor, so that you can create more balance and fulfilment in your work and life. Working in community strengthens your network and your capacity. Stretch out of your comfort zone, focus on the art of medicine and on the skills of wellbeing, cultivate your protective factors for a long, sustainable, healthy career in medicine.

Module One

A Wellbeing Framework
  • Medical Culture
  • The Skills of Wellbeing
  • Stories of the Mind
  • Regulate Yourself

Monday 8 August to 29 August

8 hours total   
(2 hrs 7.30pm - 9.30pm Mondays)    


Module Two

A strong foundation for a long term medical career
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self awareness
  • The role of Doctor
  • Managing Stress 

Monday 12 September - 3 October

8 hours total   
(2 hrs 7.30pm - 9.30pm Mondays)



Module Three

Connection is critical to your success
  • Communicate
  • Connect
  • Be Skilful and Wise
  • Maintaining Balance

Monday 17 October - 7 November

8 hours total   
(2 hrs 7.30pm - 9.30pm Mondays)

Q&A: Tuesday 14 November 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Semester Two dates
Mondays 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Module 1     8 August - 29 August
Module 2    12 September - 3 October
Module 3    17 October - 14 November
Q&A           21 November

Who can benefit from Thriving Doctor Applied?

Doctors in training* who:

  • recognise that the art of medicine enhances the science of medicine
  • understand that being professionally engaged with good intention is not enough to truly provide optimal care to patients
  • are curious about how their practice of medicine will improve by focusing on their intra personal skills (eg. emotional regulation) and want to reduce the risk of being overwhelmed by imposter syndrome or burnout.
  • take better care of themselves
  • be more self aware
  • communicate and connect more effectively with patients and/or colleagues
  • want to use their people skills more skillfully! 

* Doctors in training means the first four years of working as a doctor after finishing medical school

Don't have time?

These skills can make you more efficient AND more effective!

The Thriving Doctor Applied is designed with the realities of your medical life in mind.

The curriculum is delivered in 2 hourly workshops, after hours. Highly interactive, in a closed community of practice.

The art of medicine delivers better health outcomes for patients and makes your career more sustainable.

These skills are like a long term investment, the earlier you develop them the more benefit you and your patients gain.

Learning over time, in short windows, within a closed community is a powerful learning context for adults.

We have years of experience helping doctors learn in this way. Learning over time this way actively embeds interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills, allowing you to consolidate what you learn and to apply your skills immediately.

When will you prioritise your wellbeing and your interpersonal skills?

What do you need so that you can prioritise being skilled in the art of medicine?

Think about this work not in terms of time, rather as an investment that gives you energy and practical skills to do your work effectively and efficiently.

This is the most cost effective way for you to work directly and regularly with Sharee Johnson.

(For deeper dive work please take a look at our signature immersion doctor care program Recalibrate).

Why join?

Intra and interpersonal skills are the essence of the art of medicine.

This is what enable and enhances the science of medicine.

When you give Intra and interpersonal skills priority in your life, you give yourself the opportunity to:

  • Feel better, to support your ongoing mental health
  • Develop excellent relationships at work and away from work
  • Maintain longevity of your medical career
  • Keep joy in your work
  • Provide excellent patient care
  • Reduce the risk of error and burnout
  • Improve patient safety

When you register for our Thriving Doctor Applied course you will be working with Sharee live, in community on Zoom.

We are committed to changing the healthcare system for everyone, beginning with doctor wellbeing. When doctors are well other healthcare measures can be optimised.

Join The Thriving Doctor Applied

Your life becomes what you cultivate.


Join The Thriving Doctor Applied today to be more balanced and fulfilled, working in medicine.


Program cost: $1650.00 

Next intake open 10 July 2022 for two weeks only.
Registrations close 25 July, for 8 August start.

Limited places.

Applied is now closed.

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Doctors who have worked with Sharee


Thank you for writing The Thriving Doctor. It provides insight and techniques for all doctors to understand the systems we work within and provides the much needed tools to develop our leadership and interpersonal skills. It also reminds us to lean into our vulnerability and humility, which were the very things that attracted us into medicine in the first place.

This book helps us be the doctors we want to be and our patients need us to be.

-Dr Edwina Coghlan, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Teacher and Mentor 


The Thriving Doctor is a call to arms.
Sharee’s own experiences, and the experiences of caring for doctors through coaching, shine a powerful light into our profession from the outside and give hope that we can each learn to build more sustainability into our working lives as well as take better care of our colleagues. Our best imagined future MUST be one where both doctors and patients can flourish, and Sharee invites us to try new strategies that have been absent from medical education and culture for far too long.

-Dr Elisabeth Wearne, GP and Medical Educator


Sharee structures her book in a logical sequence, with practical ‘to do’ tasks that allow us to pause and reflect, and indeed self-discover. This book complements the workshops and courses run by Sharee and allows us to explore these concepts in further depth, almost like a core textbook and reference.

I would urge all junior doctors to read this to pick up a few learning points. It will also be worth revisiting later, as new challenges in your career or new situations arise or new levels of maturity are reached. I know if I had discovered this earlier I would have avoided a fair amount of hurt and distress, and be much further along the path to thriving.

-Dr Antony Wong, GP Anaesthetist


Sharee's book is a practical guide to the continued professional development needs we all have, but have not been made explicit to us through our training. This book can help us sustain and then build towards the model of a Thriving Doctor.

-Dr Bree Wyeth, Psychiatrist

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Coaching for Doctors is based on Gunaikurnai country. We pay our respects and honour the First Nation people of all the lands we collectively stand on in this moment together. We pay our respects to their ancestors, Elders past and present and to their emerging leaders.

We remain committed to listening, learning, growing and being together on what always was and always will be, Aboriginal land that has never been ceded.