July Reads

Jul 31, 2023
July Reads

The Queen is Dead by Stan Grant is such an important study of the whiteness of our world. Grant eloquently describes history, cultural bias and the role of courage, community and love in this challenging book. While it is not all easy reading, I urge you to read it, especially in Australia as we approach our referendum on the Voice to Parliament. Talking to My Country is a precursor to the first book.

I am grateful to Grant for teaching me, opening my eyes and heart. I admire his intellect, his thoughtful language that does not shy away from difficult emotions and his grace. I look forward to a more connected, compassionate world.

If you like reading too and you are a medical doctor, take a look at our international community of book lovers who are also interested in doctor wellbeing and performance. The joy of community and friendship right here: Thriving Doctor Book Club

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