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Join Recalibrate 2024 and be the best doctor you can be.

Welcome to 2024 Recalibrate.
We are looking forward to welcoming you to the 2024 programs.


To participate in our signature Recalibrate Program please complete the application form below, you will then book a 15 min phone call with Sharee Johnson to discuss your needs and if Recalibrate is right for you.

Our signature Recalibrate Program is an immersive learning program over several months. The six coaching sessions per participant will be scheduled individually with each doctor, to suit their needs as best as is practical. Coaching will occur via Zoom as agreed with each individual registrant.

Masterclasses will only be held on the dates specified below, except in exceptional circumstances, in which case all endeavors will be made to give notice and to reschedule with the group consultation.

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Recalibrate includes:

  • 6 x 1 hour Individual Coaching with Psycologist Coach, Sharee Johnson and
  • 6 x 4 hour Masterclasses on Zoom[ online] or 4 x 6 hour Masterclasses [live]. 

You schedule your six coaching appointments with Sharee to fit in with your roster.


Early Bird Fee  $7,500 + GST ($8,250 AUD)         Full Fee   $8,150 + GST ($8,965 AUD) 

Doctors outside of Australia will be charged GST exempt, AUD.

Registrations are open, maximum 12 participants per group.

Praise for Recalibrate

"The program Recalibrate gives many practical tools to enable you to better put your career in a balanced place and enjoy your work more and be more fulfilled

Very worthwhile, lessons I will work on forever."

"This is to build resilience, wellbeing therefore prolong your contribution to medicine and life. 

Coaching has opened my mind. I am intrinsically motivated now to be curious and want to be a better person/doctor."

"I am very grateful for the time you both took, for the kindness and safe space provided. I am very grateful for the honesty and time of the other participants."

"This has been an amazing journey. Recalibrate helps strengthen and develop resilience to challenges of work life. And personal life. I am so glad I did this. And although limitations with zoom, the benefits of having had the opportunity to do this, and the continuity, far outweighed any minuscule disadvantages. Thank you.”

“Recalibrate is a safe group of clinicians facilitated by a fellow clinician and experienced psychologist, where you can discuss the non-clinical aspects of medicine which helped me on the way to restoring joy and balance in my work.

You are your most valuable asset, and just as you train your mind and body to technically perform better as a clinician this should also including training yourself to perform better as a 'person clinician'."

“Wholeheartedly I recommend Recalibrate. I hope you can reach more doctors earlier in their careers and influence system wide approaches to help doctors (and all healthcare providers) 

I now appreciate the distinct role of coaching (cf therapy, supervision) and really appreciated the push."

Please note: The Recalibrate Program is non-refundable except under extraordinary circumstances due to the ongoing nature of the closed group. If after completing the whole program you are not satisfied that the program has delivered what we promise – development of your ‘soft’ skills – emotional regulation, communication, compassion and so on we will reimburse you 50% of your fees.

Recalibrate is not available in modules. If you are seeking parts of the program please contact us and we will be delighted to build a program that suits your needs.

Junior Doctors Scholarships

To make Recalibrate accessible to doctors earlier in their careers, each program we offer one scholarship place for junior and trainee doctors. Please note that the scholarship is valued at $4000, the registration fee is $4965. Simply complete the form here and let us know why you want to join the Recalibrate community of doctors. You will be advised of the next steps.

We acknowledge Australia's First Peoples

Coaching for Doctors is based on Gunaikurnai country. We pay our respects and honour the First Nation people of all the lands we collectively stand on in this moment together. We pay our respects to their ancestors, Elders past and present and to their emerging leaders.

We remain committed to listening, learning, growing and being together on what always was and always will be, Aboriginal land that has never been ceded.