RESPOND Wellbeing program Healthcare Workers

RESPOND is for healthcare workers of all kinds. If you work in healthcare in a support role, in administration, or face to face with patients and clients.

RESPOND is for you.


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RESPOND for Individuals

Presented by Sharee Johnson. Director, SKJ Consulting

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Why You Need RESPOND

RESPOND has a focus on boosting the skills you need to take care of yourself and others including:

  • Mindfulness & compassion
  • Wellbeing and selfcare
  • Effective communication
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Team & individual performance
  • Managing stress & burnout

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Keeping you mentally well...

RESPOND is designed to help healthcare workers strengthen their skills. Skills that are critical to maintaining wellbeing, especially mental health, sustaining positive relationships, engaging in effective communication, growing self-awareness, and staying connected to community. 

Skills that will help people to keep going through the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Skills that are sometimes lacking in healthcare, even between colleagues. Skills that can help at work and in isolation or quarantine. Every element of RESPOND is designed to be practical, flexible, and with healthcare in mind.

  • RESPOND was developed after lots of people asked for help in the early weeks of COVID-19. The skills you will learn working with us in RESPOND are important life skills that we have honed over 30 years of working in healthcare with people from all walks of life.
  • You can access RESPOND from wherever you are as long as you remain a member of our community.
  • Whenever you join RESPOND you will gain immediate access to a wealth of support, tools, and skills for wellbeing.