The Thriving Doctor Book Club
Terms of Engagement


Please remain present to our membership rules of engagement:

1.     Respect is our foundation and is expected at all times during these conversations and in reference to these conversations.

2.     Members can access the recordings of these discussions which are provided to support your learning and reflection and are for your use only. Sharing the actual recordings of these conversations will be considered a breach of confidentiality and copyright.

3.     Members who share their experiences will be afforded confidentiality at all times. Please remember it is not your story to share.

4.     This group is not a therapy group or a coaching group. We are in an open dialogue in the spirit of sharing and learning, testing ideas and exploring the previously unknown in service of better wellbeing for doctors and a more sustainable healthcare system.

5.     The Thriving Doctor Book Club is an advertising free zone. This is NOT an opportunity to market your services or any service you are associated with. Normal disclosure principles apply. You are welcome and we encourage you to grow your connections from this group off line and will help you connect outside of the Book Club if it is agreeable to both parties, please do not look to create these promotion activities during the book club discussions.

6.     Coaching for Doctors reserves the right to edit any breaches of this membership agreement out of the recordings and to stop access to the group if a member is not able to maintain this agreement.

7.     Our coaches and doctor facilitators comply with all reporting obligations and ethical guidelines in Victoria as stated by Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, the Australian Psychological Society and the International Coaching Federation.  Continued Membership of The Thriving Doctor Book Club requires adherence to professional obligations and ethical guidelines of your respective regulatory and professional bodies in your country of practice.