December Reads

Jan 03, 2023

The Wonder Within by Dr Michelle Woolhouse @theholisticgp 

An outstanding book to finish the working year on. Please read it soon. 

Michelle brings together so much wisdom for an integrated life of wellness and wholeheartedness.

There are many things we can do to be well including using our emotions, our bodies, our minds, and each other in the community.

Michelle has the lived and professional experience and understanding to guide us. 

She has brought it all together in her book in a way that is immediately accessible and real.

Holiday reading has begun with Heather Rose’s memoir Nothing Bad Ever Happens Here. 

An extraordinary life and book including Heather’s management of her chronic illness, ankylosing spondylitis, a form of arthritis. I wanted to post every page of the chapter “elephant”.

George Saunders wrote Liberation Day. I read it because I loved Lincoln in the Bardo - once I worked out what the hell was going on!

I think about it often and that can not be said for so many books. I'm going to read Lincoln in 2023 again :)

This book of short stories takes me out of my comfort zone, it’s like wandering around a foreign land and I will think about it long after I have finished the reading.

Hamilton: The Revolution by @Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter 

Hamilton is the highlight of the pandemic years for me having created memories related to it with my children, parents, friends, nieces and so many more.

Hamilton represents the awesome art of storytelling. 

I am now schooled in history that was not interesting to me in any way, in ways that are memorable and have opened up whole new lines of inquiry and learning about the world.

I have seen the live play twice, watched the movie recording of the US production staring Lin-Manuel twice, sung the songs endlessly and now we are enthralled with this gorgeous book.

May you be in the room where it happens in 2023! Don't throw away your shot! 😄 

May you be well XS

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