May Reads

May 30, 2023
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The Myth of Normal by Gabor and Daniel Maté is a glorious gift that I have been slowly reading for a couple of months. Exploring society, self and spirit it is a book for our times. Gabor combines stories from his life and decades of work in health, with wide ranging research and thoughtful wisdom.

This book has provoked so much deep reflection for me about the impact of how we live on our health. Even if it takes you a year to read and reflect your way through it, I hope you do it!

Ethan Kross, in his book Chatter, describes so many ways to manage our internal dialogue. As a person who has worked as a psychologist for so long, I was surprised!

A terrifically practical book for those working in the helping professions as therapists, professional debriefers and the like.

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