Coaching for Doctors: A Balanced Life

How coaching can help deliver better health outcomes, more fulfilling careers and a sustainable healthcare system.  


A White Paper by Sharee Johnson, Psychologist Coach.

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Doctors have been largely unsupported in developing their skills in relationship, leadership, systems, diversity, motivation, self-awareness and internal regulation.

This white paper aims to help doctors and their employers apply the process and benefits of coaching to working in medicine, in particular, to demonstrate how it can be utilised to help doctors be more effective in their work and their lives. 

Coaching is a partnership that facilitates learning, growth and development. It is a creative process that aims to inspire and empower, helping the coachee to tap into their own agency, optimising their potential to design and deliver their life consciously and with intent. 

Adding coaching to a doctor’s system continuously or periodically can make a profound difference to their life and the lives of those around them. We have seen it happen over and over again with our doctor partners.

An overview

This paper aims to explore how coaching can help you in your work as a doctor and as an employer of doctors in four key ways:
  1. Deliver excellent patient care, improving health outcomes for the patient by improving the interpersonal skill of the doctor, harnessing the impact of the relationship between doctors, patients, and their families for better health outcomes.
  2. Achieve work-life balance for doctors by clarifying meaning and purpose in a medical career that is fulfilling, joyful and sustainable.
  3. To demonstrate how the systemic use of coaching can improve the whole healthcare system by recognising and enabling the leadership potential of doctors
  4. Prevent burnout systemically by using coaching as a means to build individual skills, and as a vehicle for identifying and disrupting the cultures and systems that perpetuate burnout across the healthcare system.
Move from a cycle of suffering to a cycle of success.
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