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Steps to Coaching

  1. Please complete the Expression of Interest form below.
  2. You can then book a no obligation phone call with Sharee to discuss your coaching needs. (If you have not done so already) 
  3. After your phone conversation with Sharee you will receive an email that includes our coaching options and allows you to register.  

A reminder: All coaching appointments must be used within the contracted time, 4 or 6 months as agreed.

Coaching Expression of Interest form 

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About Sharee

Sharee is a registered Psychologist, International Coaching Federation accredited Coach and an accredited Meditation Teacher. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Coaching for Doctors, Australia's first coaching practice dedicated solely to doctor development and Author of bestselling book The Thriving Doctor: How to be more balanced and fulfilled, working in medicine.

She has been working as a psychologist for 3 decades and since 2014 has been deep in conversation with doctors, individually and in groups, seeking to understand their experience of work and their goals for their own futures and the future of the health system.

She is also the creator of Recalibrate, our signature immersive development program for doctors and RESPOND, an on demand wellbeing program designed specifically for all people who work in healthcare to develop the skills they need to be well.

All of Sharee’s work is about giving individual people the skills they need to have a long term sustainable career in health that is fulfilling and joyful.

Sharee believes that by collectively raising our skills in emotional intelligence, emotional regulation, mindfulness and compassion, we will change the way we “do” healthcare for everyone’s benefit.